Saturday May 11th from 2-6pm

An Athletic Pilates workshop with Kristi from @goneadventuringpilates
This is a creative, fun, and athletic REFORMER workshop. We first identify the 3 pillar components at the foundation of all the variations & sequencing which will be demonstrated : DYNAMIC, ATHLETIC, and FLOW. Be empowered in your own creativity & craft. Learn how to program compound movements, neurological training, creative variations, and standing work into your sequencing for an athletic experience; incorporate the use of the core in functional, dynamic movement patterns all in order to increase the client’s concentration, coordination, power, efficiency, and agility. Whether you are already doing it, you want more ideas, or you want to work more on flow & sequencing, come out, we’ll work through it all. Movement is not just functional, it's FLUID and FUN !


Sunday May 12th from 2-6pm

A different kind of group Reformer class with Kristi from @goneadventuringpilates
This isn't just a jumpboard cardio class, this will use the classic Pilates exercises at their best along with functional movement patterns, dynamic sequencing, music, and an energetic pace to lean, tone & sculpt bodies. This class fuses the principles of Pilates, HIIT, fitness and plyometrics, keeping correct form, technique & precision, getting the best these all have to offer. Your clients will leave sweaty and chatting about how great class was! This workshop will give you ideas, variations & sequencing to transform your group Reformer class into an athletic, cardio, unforgettable experience. Also, this class will help you program specifically for the group, simplifying the exercises chosen to keep the pace and benefit without losing time. Get ready to move them, keep them focused, work them hard & make them sweat!

Intro to Pilates Reformer

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In this workshop, find out how it's done! From properly engaging your core (and learning what the core actually is!), to becoming familiar with basic Pilates moves, you will learn the tips and tricks to a safe and effective experience on the Reformer machine.

Learn how to tone, balance, and lengthen your body in the best way possible, from activating large muscles, to challenging those really small ones by moving slowly and with control. Two instructors (Kelsey and Gabrielle) will be giving hands-on adjustments so you can maximize your workout in your Pilates class. This one and a half hour workshop is great for beginners, but also for those who wish to brush up on their Pilates knowledge and technique.