Who is Saran Pilates for?

Everyone! Gabrielle’s program is ideal for people from all walks of life. Whether you are looking for a low-impact workout you can do daily, or a complement to your existing workout routine, Saran Pilates has you covered.

Below, read the benefits of Pilates, how to get to the next level of your favorite sport, and how Pilates can help if you're sitting at your desk all day!

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Strengthens your core
Pilates is the best core workout out there. The core is more than just the abdominals, and you learn to activate the deeper muscles more than you ever would with conventional gym exercises. The core helps keep your trunk and pelvis stable. 

Erases back pain
Pilates focuses on stabilizing and strengthening the back. A strong back and core helps alleviate and prevent back pain.

Increases flexibility
The Pilates Reformer helps safely control stretches while working with resistance. You learn to stay engaged while stretching, leading to greater flexibility over time. Many Pilates moves support the gentle release of muscle and joint tension.

Helps keep bones strong
Weight bearing and resistance exercises help build bone mass, which is especially important to women. Bones are constantly remodeling; over time bones lose mineral and get less dense and more brittle and prone to osteoporosis.

Improves body awareness and alignment
Pilates helps you engage the right muscles for every move, which leads to better control over one’s body. It teaches you correct body alignment, which is a huge injury preventer. It also helps with asymmetries in the body.

Boosts brainpower
Pilates improves balance and coordination, concentration and memory of movements. 

Reduces stress
Pilates is a means for the body to release tension. It helps the mind to focus on the present, and breathing properly while exercising triggers the brain to calm down.

Helps to lose inches
Pilates helps to lose weight, or even more likely, it helps to lose inches.

Last note
Pilates looks deceptively easy, but it’s the small controlled movements that really makes it challenging. It’s easy to do Pilates incorrectly, so if you want to experience all the advantages, good form is essential, which is why it’s always best to start with a private session. 


Get to the next level

With a more balanced body and a stronger core, you will become more efficient at whatever you do!

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The Cyclist

Pilates is the perfect match to your workout routine. Our classes will help you build a stronger core and back, leading to better posture (and power) on the bike. We focus on mobility and flexibility work, providing you with that delicious stretched-out sensation after every class.

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The Runner

Our classes will help you run faster and further. Pilates aims to correct imbalances from poor body mechanics by strengthening muscles symmetrically and focusing on proper body alignment. Core development will also improve your runner’s technique and help you go the distance!

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The Yogi

Pilates will help you gain flexibility and improve your balance. By strengthening your core and upper body, you will notice considerable growth in your yoga practice, and be better equipped to try out all those amazing yoga poses.

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The Golfer

Hit the ball with more strength and precision with the help of Pilates. Our classes will help improve your swing by working on spinal mobility through extension and rotation exercises. Pilates is a low-impact workout that will strengthen your core and arms, and help you gain more flexibility… all assets to get that “hole-in-one”!

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The CrossFitter

Enhance your performance with a stronger core and greater flexibility. Our classes will help protect your back, neck, and overall joints. We’ll give you tips and tricks for moving in the most efficient way, leading to greater results!


How Pilates can help if you're sitting at your desk all day!


Sitting in static positions is not great for us. Here are the usual effects:

- Forwarded head posture in cervical spine

- Elongated, inactive and weak upper back muscles

- Reduced hip flexion

- Elongated, inactive and weak glutes

- Shoulder internal rotation

- Shortened pectoral muscles

- Shortened hamstrings


What this means: 

The body is imbalanced and cannot work properly. Because of this, joints stiffen, low and upper back pain may develop, the neck and shoulders may feel tight, and you may be experiencing headaches. Not to mention, blood flows poorly through the areas where there is pressure (numb bum anyone?!) In slump sitting, low back and core muscles are completely inactive. As the shoulders round forwards the muscles across the upper back that stabilize the shoulder blades switch off. Pilates specifically works on strengthening and building control of these muscles.

How Pilates helps:

Pilates helps to counteract the problems encountered from sitting all day. The stretching aspect to the workouts will release and improve joint range, leading to a more fluid and flexible body. The strengthening aspect of Pilates will work to build balanced and coordinated muscles through the whole chain from neck, shoulders and upper back, right down to your toes! Building a strong core as well as lower back & pelvic stability will help support the spine, helping to reduce and prevent back pain. 

Finally, Pilates requires focus on the exercises to execute them correctly. This focus and concentration has been found to reduce stress hormone levels in the body, so your Pilates class is the perfect way to unwind at the end of a long day in the office!