Clients new to pilates: It is strongly recommended you book a Private Session before attending a Group Class in order to learn the basic SP movements, and to get familiar with the equipment. Another option is to attend our Intro to Pilates Reformer Workshop, or sign up for an SP BASE class.


We Have 6 Different Group Classes

= difficulty level

Build a strong base first.

This class is perfect for beginners or for those looking for a more mindful, slower paced practice. On the Reformer machine, you will build strength, improve flexibility and balance, and develop your core. With special attention to proper alignment, you will form a strong Pilates base, preparing you for all of our other classes. 50 minutes long.

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Experience the fun of an athletic Reformer class!

Our signature class is a total body workout composed of a fresh mix of Pilates exercises to provide you with the latest resistance training techniques on the Reformer machine. Prepare to tone and lengthen through some intense, but oh-so-good routines that will leave you feeling strong and refreshed. Previous reformer experience required. 50 minutes long.

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Get your cardio on!

Jumping lying down on the Reformer is super fun and will also tone your glutes and legs like no other! This class includes a fresh mix of Pilates exercises to strengthen your core, arms, and back. Not appropriate for clients who are injured or pregnant. Previous reformer experience required. 50 minutes long.

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Come ready to sweat, and prepare to leave empowered!

This advanced Reformer class is a fusion of Pilates-based exercises and dynamic flows to increase the intensity of your workout. You'll make quick transitions between moves to keep your heart rate up. Not appropriate for clients who are injured or pregnant. Previous reformer experience required. 50 minutes long.

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Treat your body to the attention it deserves.

This open level Pilates class focuses on lengthening, releasing, and increasing flexibility using the Reformer. This feel-good class is ideal for anyone looking to increase mobility and relieve muscle tension. 60 minutes long.

A friendly $15 rate.

This total-body workout on the Reformer will leave you feeling toned, long, and lean! You can also use your current class pack to sign up. 50 minutes long.


Privates and Duos are great if you're new to Pilates, if you're working with limitations or injuries, or if you simply appreciate the individualized attention to work on specific goals. It’s easy to do Pilates incorrectly, so if you want to experience all the advantages, good form is essential, which is why it’s always best to start with a private session. For you, we will create a highly personal and tailor-made workout through this 50 minute training session.

We also offer Duo and Trio Sessions.


Intro to Pilates Reformer

Please contact us for next available dates.

In this workshop, find out how it's done! From properly engaging your core (and learning what the core actually is!), to becoming familiar with basic Pilates moves, you will learn the tips and tricks to a safe and effective experience on the Reformer machine.

Learn how to tone, balance, and lengthen your body in the best way possible, from activating large muscles, to challenging those really small ones by moving slowly and with control. Two instructors (Kelsey and Gabrielle) will be giving hands-on adjustments so you can maximize your workout in your Pilates class. This one and a half hour workshop is great for beginners, but also for those who wish to brush up on their Pilates knowledge and technique.


Plan a bachelorette, a birthday party, or any other event at Saran Pilates! We will make this occasion fun and special for you and your friends. Who doesn't want a little sweat sesh followed by some bubbly?! Rates vary based on needs. Call or email for more information.