We Have 6 Different Group Classes

= difficulty level

Build a strong base first.

Build a strong base first. Get to know your body on the Pilates Reformer, become familiar with Saran Pilates movements, and discover that there’s so much more to your core than just the abs. This all-level class is great for beginners, or for those working with limitations. 50 minutes long.

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Experience the fun of an athletic Reformer class!

Our signature class will leave you feeling strong. This total body workout takes on a more athletic approach to Pilates. Our fresh mix of Pilates exercises will tone your muscles, challenge your balance, and lengthen your body. 50 minutes long.

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Come ready to sweat, and prepare to leave empowered!

This advanced, fast-paced class is a fusion of Pilates-based exercises and dynamic flows to increase the intensity of your workout. Not appropriate for clients who are injured or pregnant. 50 minutes long.

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Get your cardio on!

Come try our jumpboard class for an ultimate glute and leg workout. We also focus on regular Pilates exercises to strengthen the core, arms, and back. Not appropriate for clients who are injured or pregnant. 50 minutes long.

Treat your body to the attention it deserves.

This gentle class focuses on mobility, balance, and stretching. We move with a steady flow, making it appropriate for men and women of all ages. 50 minutes long.

A friendly $15 rate.

This total-body workout on the Reformer will leave you feeling toned, long, and lean! You can also use your current class pack to sign up. 50 minutes long.


Privates and Duos are great if you're new to Pilates, if you're working with limitations or injuries, or if you simply appreciate the individualized attention to work on specific goals. It’s easy to do Pilates incorrectly, so if you want to experience all the advantages, good form is essential, which is why it’s always best to start with a private session. For you, we will create a highly personal and tailor-made workout through this 50 minute training session.

We also offer Duo and Trio Sessions.