Find your core

We believe that an intelligent fitness routine leads to a powerful body, and a happy mind. Finding your deep core muscles will change everything - from the way you carry yourself, to the way you feel on a daily basis. At Saran Pilates, we sculpt long, lean bodies that are stable and strong to the core.

Our Focus

Saran Pilates focuses on small group fitness and private training. We offer spring-based resistance training on the Pilates Reformer machine for deep muscle strengthening. Whether you like to start your day off strong, or want to feel rejuvenated after a long day, we’ve got the class for you. Our low-impact workout is gentle on joints, and we offer modifications to those who need them. We’re about having a good time while creating strong bodies and minds.  


It’s about being consistent. It’s about a lifestyle. We strongly recommend 3+ sessions a week in order to see rapid results. Our method strengthens the core and back, improves posture and balance, tones muscles, increases flexibility and coordination, and develops muscles in a balanced way. It will change you to the core. 




I'm passionate about helping others find a consistent workout routine that they will enjoy and stick to. Fitness didn't come naturally to me, I couldn't find a workout that I enjoyed and showed results until I found Pilates. I became more in tune with my body, strengthening and lengthening through proper body alignment. With Saran Pilates, I wanted to take on a more athletic approach to Pilates, keeping it fun, upbeat, and challenging...and never boring!

Gabrielle received her certification through Balanced Body Education. She opened her first studio in Los Angeles in 2015, and a second one in Asheville in 2016.